You remember in the movie Monsters Inc. They fed off of the fear of the children to keep the city going.

Then one “monster” realized that happiness and laughter were more powerful energy sources than fear and anger.

Management wasn’t trying to change, and they were doing some wicked things to keep things the same.

What I’m saying is to find ways to have genuine happiness and laughter in your life and find ways to spread it.

The way that you’re allowing “management” to keep you angry or in fear is scary because that means they control you.

Everything doesn’t need a reaction and most importantly.



Silence makes the heart grow fonder. It moves loudly through your spirit and gives you time and space to think. It brings you a sense of peace and understanding.

Silence is where you feel the most love because cruel words are not bombarding you.

I used to be afraid of silence. Now I live for it because I know in silence is where we grow the most.


Actions speak louder than words.

You can’t disprove a person’s beliefs by using words.

If you want someone to hear you and agree with you, your actions have to align with what you’re saying.

People don’t want you to believe in the Bible or God, but they aren’t giving you anything better.

If someone’s life is going well according to their beliefs, what would make them want to listen to you?

The game is being played backward. Your ego is talking to people, but speaking from your ego separates yourself from your spirit.

And by doing that, you’re already dishonoring the god that lives inside of you.

Ripple Through My Body

There is something in my heart that doesn’t belong to me. It ripples throughout my entire system. The feeling of sadness, the sense of defeat. The tears that want to pour from my eyes. I feel so much as if the pain were mine.

Who has tapped in because they know I could speak the words they could not? Who is suffocating in their sadness? Who is drowning in their pain?

What have you been avoiding? You know your answers; I do not. I can’t tell you anything except I hear you, and I could feel you. You’ve felt alone for so long. You didn’t think anyone would ever hear your silent screams.

They aren’t as silent as you think. They ripple through my body, so I know they’re ready to burst through yours.

Let out that one good scream.
Let out that one good cry.

I hear your silent screams as you go about your day. You deserve an academy award with that smile you keep on your face.

Let out that pain you’ve held onto. Breathe through the chaos that you feel trapped under.

For so long, you’ve felt alone, but today I’m telling you I hear your silent screams.

My Letter To God

God, please, before moving forward, please reveal yourself to me allow me to understand what it is I am supposed to know.

Please show me everything clearly, and if I am supposed to explain it to others, please help me with the words.

I know for a fact that I am being shown something. Please show me what it is.

1:01 am (fundamentals) I was woken up and remembered a Bible plan I saw; I went back to it and read through the seven days, and it answered every question I had ever asked.

As far as the words I am supposed to share with you, this is it.

God can tell you better than I ever could.

Who Is God?

Share Your Gifts

Speaking and living from your heart is a weird-ass gift.

You feel all of these things, and you have to share them with whoever is listening.

Cricket, crickets, crickets.

You start to wonder where you went wrong in what you said. You sit there looking around like, hey, I just said this doesn’t this mean something?

As you sit in quiet, remember you’re being used, and it’s not your business how your gifts are being received. If you’re supposed to share it, then share it. You know exactly what I am talking about.

That was my lesson today from the moment I woke up to this moment now.
It is not my business to know what God is using me for, and it’s not for likes or feedback.

If I wrote a poem and shared it, then it did what it was supposed to do.

My sister asked who I was, and I told her.

I am not only a child of God, but I am ME

That means I am whoever you need me to be because God speaks through me.

Who am I when I sit alone?

Someone who connects to God in all of the things that make me happy.

Who am I in a partnership?

Someone who loves unconditionally and builds the person through love and understanding, so that when they go out into the world, whoever they come to across meets God through them.

Love Forgives

I am forgiven, and free of condemnation means precisely what it says. In God forgiving me and setting me free of mental bondage, I could forgive myself for many things.

The more I forgave myself, the more I was able to extend the forgiveness to people who I felt like may have done me wrong.

What makes me unique to only deserve forgiveness and others don’t? What would have happened if God took that same attitude with me? Where would I be?

We’ve all asked for forgiveness. God is asking you to extend the same mercy He gave you. Extend it to yourself and others.

I am forgiven, and free of condemnation means that the things of the past no longer have power over me.
Who I was then compared to who I am now are two different people.

The words of people no longer affect me because God already freed me of my bondage.

Love forgives
Love sets you free

Miracles and Bliss

What does being God’s child mean to you?

Being God’s child means I am fully protected. I am one with all and can connect to any and everything. I can find peace in the roughest storms. The orchestra of the universe guides my every step.

The unconditional love that I receive just for being me is fantastic. I can let down my guard and let love in and let love flow out. I don’t have to stay on watch because I know danger can’t approach me.

Being a child of God means I am the lighthouse for those who are lost. I shine my light brightly for the world to see.

I live by example and not only words. I refuse to tell you something that I have not lived for myself.
Being a child of God means that I am free. I am free of bondage and open to miracles.

I get to live a life that was designed for me with the people that love me the most.

I get to live a life of happiness and bliss, but because there may be times where I might get low, all I have to do is remember I am a child of God.

Being a child of God brings miracles and bliss.

Living On The List I Love

12:22 13%

Death of old self and limiting beliefs. End of thinking I am not on the right path. Death of thinking that I am somehow a failure for not being “where I am supposed to be.”

How could I not be on the right path when all of my needs are taken care of plus more?

Breakdown of self. Letting go of all the angst. Who am I to think that I am less than when I am a child of God? In my faith, I have been shown more than what meets the eye.

My anxiety is a superpower because it saves me from situations I don’t belong in, and it shows me where I fall short.

I started a Bible plan today and was excited to start my day in my beliefs.

Suddenly, I felt like I was breaking down and felt like things were crumbling around me.

I told myself I’d continue with the plan of writing about who I am in Christ because what I was feeling wasn’t acceptable, and I couldn’t let it control me.

Thats what the ego does when it knows it’s going to die. It makes you think of all of these negative things and distracts you from your purpose.  The original plan was to sing and dance in the rain as God prepared me for what’s to come.

I had to make a list of the labels and roles that I love and those that were negative and followed me through life.

I choose to live on the list that I love because it is all of the things that make me who I am.

Who am I, you ask?

I am a child of Christ
I am a child of love
I am a child of all things good

Enjoy The Journey!

I am his lopsided cake. He gave me the best ingredients and did everything for me to come out perfect.

He saw my mistakes and realized I was his lopsided cake. He didn’t love me any less. He just realized I was imperfect, but thats what made me perfect.

Although he face palmed himself a few times because of my imperfections, whatever, right?
I was his lopsided cake.

I can’t tell you how long ago he said that to me, but he’s been gone for a little over three years now, but I will always be his lopsided cake.

I have to share with you the message I received tonight. This was after having a conversation with someone else about having to wait for MY person.

Hello beautiful!

I am supposed to tell you to enjoy the journey!!!! Enjoy the present. Our testimony is not just for us. Therefore, you can learn from me… be patient. Let God groom you annnnnnnd the one He has for you. You don’t want that other person too soon!! ❤️❤️ No one ever wants an uncooked cake!!

That can be a total disaster! Enjoy the aroma of it baking! Sing and dance in the rain while you grow yourself and your partner is being prepared for you. You both want to be complete before you get together!

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It almost brought me to tears, at that moment, I knew all I had to do was rejoice because we were being prepared. And when it was all said and done, it was going to be as beautiful, lopsided and all.

Enjoy the journey!!!