I am terrified of you, and yet I can’t get enough. I follow my heart, and it leads back to you. At the same time, my mind continues to play tricks on me.

But how could I listen to those stories that I make up in my mind when everything says green.

Greenlight. She reflects the darkness that lives inside of you.
Greenlight. Once you find your light, you shine a light on her darkness and help her heal.
Greenlight. You both somehow feel unworthy of each other.
Greenlight. You feel unworthy of her because you feel like you can’t measure up in her material world.
Greenlight. She feels unworthy because she realizes you want nothing from her except her love.
Greenlight. You both are having a hard time trusting the other.
Greenlight. You both proved you guys were in the long run.
Greenlight. Your souls transformed the minute you guys met.
Greenlight. Dont be afraid.
Greenlight. She only speaks what you feel in your heart.
Greenlight. It’s time to overcome it.
Greenlight. Love is in the air.

Open your heart

Open your heart. It’s been closed too long, allow the Spirit of love to move through. Get back to the space of happiness and creativity.

Open your heart to the unknown. Smile. Be free. Be love. Be fearless. Be you.

Open your heart.

Be free. Get what you deserve, and remember people and God are not for sale.

Trust the process

Open your heart.

The Wildflower

The wildflower grew from the wild child. They were carefree and marched to the beat of their drum. They were led by music that only they could hear.

The feeling of freedom comes with a price. The ones locked in a mental prison become guards to the free. Don’t do this, don’t do that, you don’t make sense, too many colors, too many smiles. How dare you be happy when you have nothing?

The wildflower dies in the wild child. They begin to conform to what society says rules. They wilt and die and forget they need nothing except themselves to make them happy.

The adult emerges and looks for happiness outside of themselves, forgetting about the time they were wild and free. They forget about the time the wild child was alive.

No one could ever sever the roots of the wildflower. The only question is, which parts of yourself are to be watered?

Is it the roots of the wildflower that grew inside the wild child who marched to the beat of their drum?

Or is the adult that emerged from what society says rules?

For me, I choose the wildflower that grew inside of the wild child because, without her, am I really alive?

Calling All Souls

I am calling all souls, calling all souls, calling you to try to break free, free of bondage, and free of pain. The hardest thing is to try to connect, but they hear you because I listen to you.

I see you when you walk past me; I hear your silent screams. You see me and have never felt so safe. So you gravitate towards me to feel the warmth of my light.

At first, I didn’t understand until she said, even amid your chaos, you’re at peace. I feel your peace, and I try to take it in as my own, even for a little while.

I’m not shaken by things I can’t control, nor do people and their problems move me. What I can do is call your soul to feel the warmth of my light. What I can do is be understanding when you think you’re the most misunderstood.

I am calling all souls to feel my light. To find my truth so that you can be brave enough to see yours too. I am calling all souls to tell you that it’s safe and okay to reconnect. A soul’s purpose to reach all souls for proper healing, the only one that they can do.

Seek Wisdom First

What we all seek is the wisdom to get our lives in order. We seek it forgetting that God is willing and ready to give it whenever we’re ready to receive it; God would never tell you too much at once; He’ll only show you enough to get you excited to work towards your goal.

Allow the excitement to fill you up, and when you need more, ask God to release more wisdom. Free will comes at a price we can’t receive if we don’t ask. Allow God to move with no resistance, and when there is some, be still and work through what is stopping you at that moment. Take it to God and be honest and say, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this, but please take it away from me and transform it while you continue to transform me.

Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her; those who hold her fast will be blessed.
Proverbs 3:13‭-‬18 NIV

Tried To Destroy Me

I’m always asked where did that sweet girl go? The one who was always under her mother.

I look in confusion because this woman standing in front of you would give you her blood, sweat, and tears. She would give you the shirt off of her back and the last dollar in her pocket. The one thing you can’t get is beyond my boundaries, but if I’m willing to give you all of me, why don’t I deserve respect?

But if you want to know where that sweet girl went. She died at nine years old when she was violated and realized she had to survive independently.

She died when people thought they could disrespect her with their words, and she wouldn’t speak up.

She died when she realized the silent treatment for a child is the worst form of punishment because I was taught that my existence wasn’t even enough to be acknowledged.

She died when she no longer felt safe in her skin. Where she realized her kindness was looked at as a sign of weakness.

Luckily for me, I know that every death is a rebirth, and I got the opportunity to be reborn into a woman who still knows how to love despite not being shown how. I learned how to put myself above others while still being able to give a helping hand. I learned that the actions of many have nothing to do with me, but they’re afraid to face themselves.

I learned that through my darkest moments, I am fully covered and protected.

I am more than safe. I also learned that it’s okay to let people go in peace. There’s no need to hang onto what you wish someone was or who they could’ve been. You take them by their actions or lack of, and you move on.

That goes for anyone doesn’t matter the relationship. People don’t get to destroy you and then be a part of your success story.

Moral of the story. Your experiences shape you, but it’s up to decide what you’re going to build with those shapes. 

Nothing Except

It’s been a long time, let me see what you got.

I have nothing except the flow of the universe running through my veins.

I have nothing except the love for myself that keeps me on track.

I have nothing except the will to keep going.

I have nothing except for the love of God.

I have nothing except my need to create.

I have nothing except the challenges that move me forward in life.

I have nothing except unconditional love.

I have nothing except the talents God gave me to cultivate.

I have nothing except words that could change nations.

I have nothing except a fearless attitude towards life.

I have nothing except my spirit leading the way.

I have nothing except the love from those around me and those who watch me from afar.

Sometimes when you feel like you have nothing, you begin to realize you have everything.

Leap Of Faith

The chatter in my mind told me it was up to us to decide when the time was right.

We’ve been getting signs from the universe saying we want you two together, and yet we have free will.

The only thing stopping us is the fear of letting go of the old story to go on a new adventure.

See, that new adventure is beyond your wildest dreams. That’s why it’s safe to leave the dreaming up to me.

You’re stuck in limbo, but you hear me calling your name, telling you to follow my light. It’s safe.

Fear of the light has you looking back, but the more you look back, the darker it becomes.

You realize there is nothing there for you anymore, so you stay in limbo, thinking this is what you deserve.

Why should you be so lucky to find the person that was made for you? How would you even know how to love someone like her? Where do you begin when the animalistic side of you wants to eat her alive?

And yet, she’s so gentle with your soul and loves you like no other. You push, she pulls, and yet you’re snapped back to one.

How could you love someone that you think you don’t understand, but in reality, you know her like the back of your hand.

You know every inch of her body and soul.
You know exactly how to love her and how to stop her tears.

How could we be wrong when everything feels right? How could we be afraid of what people think when the universe said we were made for each other?

The problem comes when it’s time to surrender, but the only way out of limbo is to surrender.

Surrender to the love that you desire deep down in your soul.
To the faith of knowing everything that you’re afraid of will cancel itself out.
To your happiness because you deserve it.

You have learned your lessons. There is nothing left to learn.

How much suffering do you deserve?

Surrender and let your guard down and let love flow through.

We both have trust issues, but I trust you.

I trust you to love me to the end of the world and beyond.
To lead me where I am supposed to go.
Your action and your love.
I trust your ability to heal and do the work.
You to listen to that little voice that tells you where to go

We wait for perfect timing for things to fall into place without realizing we are in control.

It is our fears that are stopping us from leaping. You fear that thinks I’ll let you fall.

We triggered each other through hell, and now it’s about time we experienced Heaven on Earth.

That’s what it’s like being with you. It feels like Heaven on Earth.

I feel the world fall at my feet—the ease of life when you come near me.

How could you deny your heart screaming out for me?

The universe says yes, but our free will says we’re not ready.

And we’ll never be ready if we don’t leap.