Heaven Can No Longer Wait

I put Heaven on hold, hoping to find love in this world.

God said, let me show you something more. I said, God, don’t you mean let me show you two more?

He said no, I mean you. I said, well, no, then I’ll stay here a little longer because there has to be love somewhere.

I waited and got myself prepared and all pretty.

God said, are you ready?  I said no God, just a bit longer.

In my little while longer, I found what felt like perfection.

But I wasn’t perfect.

God said you are perfect. Just come home.

I said, no, God, just let me prove myself a bit longer.

I don’t have the hustle and bustle spirit.

This is what I love about myself because I allow the energy of the universe to flow to me and won’t move until it feels right.

People don’t understand that way of life, which is fine. It’s a hard pill to swallow because it’s not something that you can make sense of.

But if I’m not perfect now, I’ll never be because this is who I am.

This is me. Take it or leave it. I was left on the table, and I continued to tell God not yet.

I’m sure they’ll see me. Look how bright I am shining.

God said, yes, but I can make you shine brighter. I argue and say yea, no, I know, but just a bit longer.

So, I sat for just a bit longer until I said, okay, God, it’s time.

I don’t know when or if goodbye will ever come, but I do know Heaven can no longer wait.

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