The Wildflower

The wildflower grew from the wild child. They were carefree and marched to the beat of their drum. They were led by music that only they could hear.

The feeling of freedom comes with a price. The ones locked in a mental prison become guards to the free. Don’t do this, don’t do that, you don’t make sense, too many colors, too many smiles. How dare you be happy when you have nothing?

The wildflower dies in the wild child. They begin to conform to what society says rules. They wilt and die and forget they need nothing except themselves to make them happy.

The adult emerges and looks for happiness outside of themselves, forgetting about the time they were wild and free. They forget about the time the wild child was alive.

No one could ever sever the roots of the wildflower. The only question is, which parts of yourself are to be watered?

Is it the roots of the wildflower that grew inside the wild child who marched to the beat of their drum?

Or is the adult that emerged from what society says rules?

For me, I choose the wildflower that grew inside of the wild child because, without her, am I really alive?

Calling All Souls

I am calling all souls, calling all souls, calling you to try to break free, free of bondage, and free of pain. The hardest thing is to try to connect, but they hear you because I listen to you.

I see you when you walk past me; I hear your silent screams. You see me and have never felt so safe. So you gravitate towards me to feel the warmth of my light.

At first, I didn’t understand until she said, even amid your chaos, you’re at peace. I feel your peace, and I try to take it in as my own, even for a little while.

I’m not shaken by things I can’t control, nor do people and their problems move me. What I can do is call your soul to feel the warmth of my light. What I can do is be understanding when you think you’re the most misunderstood.

I am calling all souls to feel my light. To find my truth so that you can be brave enough to see yours too. I am calling all souls to tell you that it’s safe and okay to reconnect. A soul’s purpose to reach all souls for proper healing, the only one that they can do.

Seek Wisdom First

What we all seek is the wisdom to get our lives in order. We seek it forgetting that God is willing and ready to give it whenever we’re ready to receive it; God would never tell you too much at once; He’ll only show you enough to get you excited to work towards your goal.

Allow the excitement to fill you up, and when you need more, ask God to release more wisdom. Free will comes at a price we can’t receive if we don’t ask. Allow God to move with no resistance, and when there is some, be still and work through what is stopping you at that moment. Take it to God and be honest and say, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this, but please take it away from me and transform it while you continue to transform me.

Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her; those who hold her fast will be blessed.
Proverbs 3:13‭-‬18 NIV

Your Eyes

Your heart has a magnetic field of 3Ft that means it expands 3Ft around your entire body.

When you come in contact with someone’s magnetic field, it’ll either attract or repel.

When you are in an attraction, it usually awakens a small or large piece of you depending upon the attraction.

If I can’t stand inside of your magnetic field, how else will I feel you? How else will I get to know who you are in a short amount of time?

Your eyes are the window to the soul.

But we’ve been taught how to read facial expressions and listen for tone of voice.

Maybe we’re being forced to meet others by their soul and not what we see on the surface.

I can’t feel you, but I could see you.

Maybe it’s time for us to really start seeing each other and stop being afraid of people seeing us too.


Actions speak louder than words.

You can’t disprove a person’s beliefs by using words.

If you want someone to hear you and agree with you, your actions have to align with what you’re saying.

People don’t want you to believe in the Bible or God, but they aren’t giving you anything better.

If someone’s life is going well according to their beliefs, what would make them want to listen to you?

The game is being played backward. Your ego is talking to people, but speaking from your ego separates yourself from your spirit.

And by doing that, you’re already dishonoring the god that lives inside of you.

My Letter To God

God, please, before moving forward, please reveal yourself to me allow me to understand what it is I am supposed to know.

Please show me everything clearly, and if I am supposed to explain it to others, please help me with the words.

I know for a fact that I am being shown something. Please show me what it is.

1:01 am (fundamentals) I was woken up and remembered a Bible plan I saw; I went back to it and read through the seven days, and it answered every question I had ever asked.

As far as the words I am supposed to share with you, this is it.

God can tell you better than I ever could.

Who Is God?

Circles And Squares

I know I’ve hurt people on my journey. Not intentionally, just like no one hurt me on purpose.

Sometimes people have to live their life, and you don’t fit and vice versa.

It’s okay not to fit. That means either you need work or they need work. Either way, it makes room for growth.

Growth is the name of the game. If we say we want the same thing and we can’t obtain them together, which means there is a blockage and isn’t supposed to be.

We try to put squares in circles and get frustrated when they don’t fit.

Why would a circle want something so rigid and inflexible inside of it?
Squares don’t allow for movement. It’s this way or no way. And it’s usually their way.

That’s a terrible way to live, and I’ll tell you why. Circles have opportunities to expand. Circles have the chance to be filled with love, full of family, and friends. Circles could be filled with happiness.

I’ve never heard the phrase square of love or square of hope.

Circles have no end.

When you try to put a square in a circle, you block the flow that the circle has to offer.

You block love and any possibilities of any real connection.

Ha! Square, block, get it?
I realized I was the circle and couldn’t allow the square to block me any further.

Hey, all my circles out there, stop letting these squares block your flow.

We’re all circles, but we allow people and circumstances to be our squares.

Remember, it’s always a circle of hope, a circle of love; your circle continues. It never stops, even when there is a blockage.

Love and be the circle you were meant to be!

Someone Needed This

I am going to talk to you for a moment.

Things are never what they seem, and everything happens for a reason.

We know the reason is healing; we get caught up in the outside world that we forget about what our hearts want, and we forget that our hearts know how to get there.

My heart pours out when I have space to think.
My heart pours out when there are no distractions.

See, I am at this moment of separation from others, and when that happens, I sometimes feel alone.

Sometimes, your journey calls for solitude. How can you hear yourself if you can’t sit alone?

Some days I learn nothing about myself. Other days I am bombarded with information that I need to process.

How can I process without the ability to do it alone?

You know, I’m starting to think a lot of people are processing right now. I’m beginning to think something is happening that is benefitting everyone right now.

You know, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful winning season for most.

My heart tells me that she always wins, and she always gets what she wants. She also told me it takes patience and preparation.

I think a lot of your hearts out there are saying the same thing.

They are telling you to hold on just a little while longer everything that you want is coming quicker than you could ever imagine.

Your hearts are screaming; I promise it was all worth it.

Even when life looks like it’s being flipped upside down, it might; I’m lying. It’s not might your life is flipping right side up.

Your blessings are coming. You have to hold steady.

Hey, think about it like this, you’ve waited all of this time to win. What’s a little bit more time?

Trust me; I get it! Like where are the blessings?

But the blessing is in knowing that it’s coming because you’ve done the work. You’ve done everything that was asked of you.

My blessings are here because I’ve learned that time and space are an illusion.

The music that I hear puts me in a good mood, and it speaks love to my ears.

The random sweet smell that passes under my nose instantly makes me smile.

The random thought that makes me bust out laughing like a crazy person.

My ability to write is a blessing in itself because my heart can talk to you no matter how close or far. Even when you don’t speak back, I know my words reached someone.

Your blessings are already here because you keep getting chances to get it right.

Not only that, the way your blessings are coming in allows you the opportunity to be the blueprint for what it means to live your most authentic life and be rewarded for leading the way.

End Of The Rainbow

What would you do with the gold at the end of the rainbow?

Is there any gold at all?
What if the point was to enjoy the journey?

Enjoy the colors and the magic of it all.

What would you do with the gold at the end of the rainbow?

Would you hold it close and cherish it forever?
Would you share it amongst those in need?

What would you do with the gold at the end of the rainbow?

What if there was no gold and it was only you that stood there.

Would it still mean the same as the gold you thought you were in search of?