Circles And Squares

I know I’ve hurt people on my journey. Not intentionally, just like no one hurt me on purpose.

Sometimes people have to live their life, and you don’t fit and vice versa.

It’s okay not to fit. That means either you need work or they need work. Either way, it makes room for growth.

Growth is the name of the game. If we say we want the same thing and we can’t obtain them together, which means there is a blockage and isn’t supposed to be.

We try to put squares in circles and get frustrated when they don’t fit.

Why would a circle want something so rigid and inflexible inside of it?
Squares don’t allow for movement. It’s this way or no way. And it’s usually their way.

That’s a terrible way to live, and I’ll tell you why. Circles have opportunities to expand. Circles have the chance to be filled with love, full of family, and friends. Circles could be filled with happiness.

I’ve never heard the phrase square of love or square of hope.

Circles have no end.

When you try to put a square in a circle, you block the flow that the circle has to offer.

You block love and any possibilities of any real connection.

Ha! Square, block, get it?
I realized I was the circle and couldn’t allow the square to block me any further.

Hey, all my circles out there, stop letting these squares block your flow.

We’re all circles, but we allow people and circumstances to be our squares.

Remember, it’s always a circle of hope, a circle of love; your circle continues. It never stops, even when there is a blockage.

Love and be the circle you were meant to be!

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