It’s Already Written

Everything has already been written. It’s time to step back and observe. It’s time to connect to whatever God it is that you pray to. Start listening to your inner voice. Something is calling you whether you want to acknowledge it or not. There is a significant shift happening, and it’s going to come a time where you’re going to scramble to get everything in order.

Here’s the time to get it in order. Step back and observe, step out of your box of comfort and emotions and listen to what your spirit is saying to you.

Everyone is waiting for something. Everyone is waiting to see what happens or waiting for a sign. Consider this a sign of movement.

It’s time to listen to your spirit.

It’s loud enough, and I know you could hear it.

Trust yourself and follow whatever it’s you need to follow, but step all the way back from the distractions of what is happening outside of you.

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