We’ve all been a slave to society and beliefs. And right now, we’re in Exodus. Where the spirit is doing everything to get us out. And the more we go out of the norm, the more we’re getting rewarded. Just being asked to move, how many things have changed in your life? What are the things you’ve been asked to walk away from since the beginning of 2020?

I’m in the process of reading Exodus in the Bible and couldn’t figure why bc I started to get bored; then I began to read it in the voice I understood.

And the Israelites were begging for freedom, and when God granted them what they asked for, it wasn’t a comfortable journey, and they asked God why he delivered them from Egypt. They had houses and good food, and now they have bread with no yeast. Granted, they were slaves, but it was a better living than what they were dealing with in these conditions.

I found it funny and familiar because when God asks us to move in our everyday life, we always fight back. We always say, but God. We do not realize that our journey doesn’t have to be as hard as we’re making it.

We’re afraid of the unknown, which is fair because who knows what’s on the other side.

Freedom is on the other side. The bondage you feel is your emotions holding you hostage because you don’t want to let go.

Let go! Let it all go. That is the only way to move forward

You can’t hear because you’re tied to emotions that no longer serve you.

Let it go! I feel this sense of urgency, so I’m going to excuse myself for a while, but I couldn’t walk away without saying that.

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