The Questions Of The Day

Why do you feel like you don’t have your answers?
Why have you lied to yourself about feeling safe in your body?
How have you forgotten the protection you’ve had your entire life?
Why must we swing low when we feel a natural high?
The questions of the day.
I act like I don’t know when I already do.
Mind VS Spirit. Human VS God.
How many times does God have to show up until you believe?
How many times will you have to show up for yourself until you have the confidence to stay on the high?
Why do we have to go low for you to get excited about the answers you already know?
When will we break out of the cycle of thinking we must feel sadness before we can feel happiness? You know what joy and excitement feel like without the pendulum swing.
God promised you peace, and you’ve obtained it once before. How do you lose it over a thought or feeling that is fleeting?

I look for people to make my decisions and to soothe my chaos, but chaos is where I thrive. The peace of God is foreign, so I make up scenarios to fit my old idea of what life should be or has been, or could be. Those are feelings of the past that stop me from being present. My life could be anything, and right now, it’s everything I need it to be. I’ve witnessed the spirit move through me and through those I love. Why have doubt when I see miracles every day?

God reminds me to be still. Not stew in the thoughts that drive me crazy. But be still and allow His peace to wash over me. I’m reminded that I know how to get out of my head and listen to my spirit. I’m reminded that I’ve always been safe. I’m reminded that I can ask all the questions in the world, and each answer will come.

Finding a home

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child rings in my ears and pierces me through my soul. When I hear that song, it puts me in a chokehold.

Today, the story changed as I was listening to the song and allowed myself the freedom of not getting caught up in emotions. I realized that I had been blessed with some of the best women and mothers I know.

The ones who pray over me in silence and out loud. The ones who shower me with an abundance of knowledge and love. They show me their mistakes, so I won’t have to go down the same road. They love my child as if she were their own. They show me what they’ve done right to lighten my load so my path isn’t too dark.

Today was the last day that I felt like a motherless child because I found a home in too many women for me to feel alone.

Letting go (again)

My notebooks were issues from the past that I no longer needed to hold onto. They were the energy that was keeping me stuck. The words that will live forever are those I’ve already shared or will share in the future. They are not the words that went and died on paper. There is a level of something in the air where I am free to write and create again. I felt stagnant, not realizing it was because I had too much old trying to make the new. Letting go, I always feel like, eh, I might need this, or this has something for me. I don’t need it, and there is nothing.

There are cycles that I’ve completed that no longer require the desperation of my words: the pity and the begging. The God pick me vibes. Why me, God, vibes. I promise i’ll do better vibes.

This is where we come into our power again and become God chose me; I’m going to show you why there is no desperation or begging. Little steps, but I can’t keep the energy of pick me when I’ve already chosen me.

The energy of letting go.


I am terrified of you, and yet I can’t get enough. I follow my heart, and it leads back to you. At the same time, my mind continues to play tricks on me.

But how could I listen to those stories that I make up in my mind when everything says green.

Greenlight. She reflects the darkness that lives inside of you.
Greenlight. Once you find your light, you shine a light on her darkness and help her heal.
Greenlight. You both somehow feel unworthy of each other.
Greenlight. You feel unworthy of her because you feel like you can’t measure up in her material world.
Greenlight. She feels unworthy because she realizes you want nothing from her except her love.
Greenlight. You both are having a hard time trusting the other.
Greenlight. You both proved you guys were in the long run.
Greenlight. Your souls transformed the minute you guys met.
Greenlight. Dont be afraid.
Greenlight. She only speaks what you feel in your heart.
Greenlight. It’s time to overcome it.
Greenlight. Love is in the air.

Open your heart

Open your heart. It’s been closed too long, allow the Spirit of love to move through. Get back to the space of happiness and creativity.

Open your heart to the unknown. Smile. Be free. Be love. Be fearless. Be you.

Open your heart.

Be free. Get what you deserve, and remember people and God are not for sale.

Trust the process

Open your heart.

Trauma Response Cancelled

The child that never wanted to rock the boat. The one that always wanted smooth sailing, even if it came at a price.

The price was more than she could afford. It was constant apologizing even when she did nothing wrong. It was fading into the background, hoping that her quietness was deemed as obedient.

The price was lying on the cold, wet ground allowing people to walk all over her so they wouldn’t get their feet wet. She thought she could handle it better than they could, so she just allowed herself to sink into the ground.

She became a doormat; she became the person people could blame for their troubles even though she sat prim and proper.

She sat quietly as people abused her kindness. She made excuses and said, well, it’s okay. Everyone has their days.

But she thought, when will her day come? Sadly for her, the day never came at that point in her life.

Until the woman emerged from the sunken ground.

I had to learn how to stop apologizing when I wasn’t in the wrong.

I had to stop allowing people to walk all over me.

I set healthy boundaries, and to those affected by it the most gives me immense grief, but you know what, this woman doesn’t care.

My soul becomes fragmented when I put others over myself.

The love I have for others will never change, but what does change is the love that I have for myself.

And the love for you could never surpass the love I have for myself, not anymore.

The child feels guilty, but the woman says, come correct or not at all.

The child says, love me, I’ll be good, I promise. The woman says, love me in my strength and weakness or don’t love me.

The child says I don’t care how you talk to me; the woman says, please think before you speak and give me the most authentic version of yourself because anything less won’t be tolerated.

See, everyone has a breaking point, and I’ve finally reached mine.

Love With No Conditions

We were taught that people love things more than the person in front of them.

So, in our minds, we believe that we have to obtain material things to be loved.

The more you have, the more people will love you.

The sad truth is if we love only people who have things, we miss out on unconditional love.

You know, the love that we could all feel if we learned to put things down.

I know it’s a hard thing to believe. Could you be happy without things? How could this be?

Because happiness could never come from things or what people can do for you.

Love could never be felt through things of the material world.

Things lose value.

The new car off the lot lost value the minute it left the dealership.

Things only have as much value as we believe they do.

Someone from the South will look at someone from the North and say you’re bugging. I’m not paying that much for a house when I could have much more for less.

When we put a value on love, we lose.

You lose yourself because you now put a price on yourself when in actuality, you’re priceless.

You lose the person that could have shown you the true meaning of love and happiness because you felt their love wasn’t worth much without the car and house.

Unconditional love opens us up to worlds beyond the one you could see.

Unconditional love opens us to ourselves.

But I guess we’ve run so far from ourselves that things are good enough to fill the voids.

Love is coming to sweep through the nations, and every dark place will be lit no stone unturned.

Remember, things are fleeting if met with any choice. Always choose love.

Love with no conditions.

Promise To Myself

Im sorry that you had to die; I promise I won’t forget what you’ve done for me.

I promise that your death won’t go in vain. I promise to live a life that you tried to live but couldn’t.

I will forever remember how much you suffocated so that I won’t make the same mistakes.

I will live by your example and make it better than you could have ever dreamed.

I will set the boundaries that you never could. I will honor myself beyond the stars.
I promise I won’t settle for less than I deserve.
I promise that I won’t help people beyond my ability.
I promise you I will never bleed myself to death again.

You gave your last breath yesterday for me to live. You took me to the place where people go to die and Lord, did I feel it.

But you gave your life so that I could breathe easy. You remind me never to allow anyone to suffocate me again.

For that, your death won’t go in vain.

My Letter To God

God, please, before moving forward, please reveal yourself to me allow me to understand what it is I am supposed to know.

Please show me everything clearly, and if I am supposed to explain it to others, please help me with the words.

I know for a fact that I am being shown something. Please show me what it is.

1:01 am (fundamentals) I was woken up and remembered a Bible plan I saw; I went back to it and read through the seven days, and it answered every question I had ever asked.

As far as the words I am supposed to share with you, this is it.

God can tell you better than I ever could.

Who Is God?

Circles And Squares

I know I’ve hurt people on my journey. Not intentionally, just like no one hurt me on purpose.

Sometimes people have to live their life, and you don’t fit and vice versa.

It’s okay not to fit. That means either you need work or they need work. Either way, it makes room for growth.

Growth is the name of the game. If we say we want the same thing and we can’t obtain them together, which means there is a blockage and isn’t supposed to be.

We try to put squares in circles and get frustrated when they don’t fit.

Why would a circle want something so rigid and inflexible inside of it?
Squares don’t allow for movement. It’s this way or no way. And it’s usually their way.

That’s a terrible way to live, and I’ll tell you why. Circles have opportunities to expand. Circles have the chance to be filled with love, full of family, and friends. Circles could be filled with happiness.

I’ve never heard the phrase square of love or square of hope.

Circles have no end.

When you try to put a square in a circle, you block the flow that the circle has to offer.

You block love and any possibilities of any real connection.

Ha! Square, block, get it?
I realized I was the circle and couldn’t allow the square to block me any further.

Hey, all my circles out there, stop letting these squares block your flow.

We’re all circles, but we allow people and circumstances to be our squares.

Remember, it’s always a circle of hope, a circle of love; your circle continues. It never stops, even when there is a blockage.

Love and be the circle you were meant to be!