The Age Of The Feminine(part 1)

We all need to be grounded in this earth before our souls could take off.

I have walked this earth for 32 years without knowing my roots and where I came from.

A lost child, I was told that I couldn’t be entirely black because I didn’t fit the description, whatever that meant.

How far back could I take you? I couldn’t take you anywhere until now.

My Divine Mother Oshun from her, I emerge as she lives in me. The mother of all mothers that have come before me.

My Divine Feminine Archetype. The one who gives me the power of love and speaks to me through the water. The one who gives life and takes it away.

Oshun is the one that you need more than she will ever need you, and she knows it.

When she pulls back her love, the whole world feels it.

She is the mother of the rivers that have dried up due to the disrespect. She is the mother of the bees that have been dying out.

Without the love of Oshun, the world dies.

We are not here to worship our ancestors, but we must show gratitude. We must ground ourselves where our roots run deep.

They live in us as they were our children.

She followed her children when they were taken from her land and brought to the states. She spoke to them through the troubled water and showed them the way to freedom.

She deserves recognition because she is the strength that keeps me going. She tells me there is nothing that I can’t accomplish.

She is the last piece of my soul. Without her, there is no movement. She taught me to love myself first, and everything else will follow.

My Divine Mother Oshun

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