The Age Of The Feminine(part 2)

Who is your Divine Mother (Feminine)?
Who resides in your soul and guides you?

The only way for the Divine Masculine to emerge is if the Divine Feminine gives birth.

What are you giving birth to?
What are you creating for yourself and the world?

How much do you know you belong?
How much do you know you are loved, and everything will work out for you?
How much can you say you love yourself?
Without ego speaking for you
How much can you give?

I ask this because this is what your Divine Feminine is asking. We’re speaking energy. I am talking to men and women. We’re in yin/yang energy

Oshun might not be your mother, but you started from somewhere.

It’s time for the Divine Feminine to shine.
It’s time to let her out. Without her, the world dies.

The world has been dying. The masculines have said we can do this without her, not understanding that she is life because she is love—her ability to love breeds new life.

We need her love to save the world. We need her wisdom and guidance to push us forward.

We have been in the dark without her.

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