Through The Silence

Here’s the day we decided to speak, but instead, I spend it in silence.

A good morning, how are you doing? It doesn’t fall on deaf ears because I could hear you when no words are being spoken.

The silence keeps me company as I learn to navigate through needing nothing and no one but myself.

No overthinking, no worrying, just being.

What is this new feeling? First a date alone and now complete silence where even her mind takes a break?

Woah, who is this new woman emerging from the ashes?

Picking up the pieces that she wants to take with her on the next round of life, leaving everything else behind that no longer serves her.

Some people would be afraid they were losing the person they loved if they desired silence over them.

But not you. You understand the importance of silence and what emerges in the end.

I wrote that and had a smile on my face so big.

I thank you for the silence, and I thank you for the love that speaks louder than words.

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