People walk all over others as if they are more important than you are.

Isn’t that crazy to think that your life is more important than the person you’re inconveniencing.

How does it feel to be an inconvenience to others? I guess you don’t care because you see it as an I need to live too.

Your life and needs have nothing to do with me when it steps all over; excuse me when it comes close to my boundaries. Let’s face it; you can’t even penetrate the first wall of defense.

I would hope one day people wouldn’t take advantage of others.

On the other hand, I hope that one day when you step the wrong way, everything snaps, and at that moment, you realize you were never as important as the person you so kindly inconvenienced.

Whichever way the lesson finds you, I’m sure it was deserving. Who am I to say anything? But I do hope. However, it finds you; it teaches you how to treat people that never tell you no.

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