Letting go (again)

My notebooks were issues from the past that I no longer needed to hold onto. They were the energy that was keeping me stuck. The words that will live forever are those I’ve already shared or will share in the future. They are not the words that went and died on paper. There is a level of something in the air where I am free to write and create again. I felt stagnant, not realizing it was because I had too much old trying to make the new. Letting go, I always feel like, eh, I might need this, or this has something for me. I don’t need it, and there is nothing.

There are cycles that I’ve completed that no longer require the desperation of my words: the pity and the begging. The God pick me vibes. Why me, God, vibes. I promise i’ll do better vibes.

This is where we come into our power again and become God chose me; I’m going to show you why there is no desperation or begging. Little steps, but I can’t keep the energy of pick me when I’ve already chosen me.

The energy of letting go.

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