Who gave you the authority on what you speak about or have it in your heart to talk about?

The observations, the ah-ha moments. The ideas and plans to move forward. Who gave you the authority over your voice and mind when I liked you better when you didn’t have a sense of your own.

I enjoyed the time spent when I could think for you and you did what I wanted you to do.

We were best friends at that time, but now. Now you’ve found your authority to speak and think for yourself, making me hate you.

I don’t enjoy the ideas that you have. I dont want the fact that I could no longer be your puppet master. I was pulling the strings to your heart and mind. How dare you cut the cords and be okay without me?

How dare you be able to stand up straight without me there to hold you up?

I liked you better when I could think and speak for you when your thoughts were mine.

How dare you allow me not to use your light as my own. The thief in the night comes to destroy.

I tried to destroy you. Better yet, I didn’t try to destroy you. I wanted to build you up to be the person I needed you to be for me. I needed to hide behind your light. I couldn’t allow people to see me for who I was because, in reality, who was I? My kids became my everything.

Better yet, you were my better half of me. The one who looked like me, so I could see myself in you to get another chance in life.

How dare you shift and take the light away from me and keep it for your own. Use it and make yourself better when it’s left me to drown in darkness.

I liked you better when I could think and speak for you.

Who gave you authority over your own life?

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