The Tree

You ate from the tree that didn’t bear good fruit, and as you watch the tree fall, you don’t know what to do.

You’ll make excuses, and you’ll say, well, they’re only human. You’ll be confused, and you may even joke because, in the end, you realize what you might have done.

You consumed someone who was only human. You took on ideologies that didn’t necessarily align with yours, but it sounds good enough.

The trees will continue to fall; you will continue to be confused. You will continue to make jokes because that lessens the accountability on your part.

In the end.

Well, that’s really up to you.

You already knew what to do before you ate from the tree that didn’t bear good fruit.

Love With No Conditions

We were taught that people love things more than the person in front of them.

So, in our minds, we believe that we have to obtain material things to be loved.

The more you have, the more people will love you.

The sad truth is if we love only people who have things, we miss out on unconditional love.

You know, the love that we could all feel if we learned to put things down.

I know it’s a hard thing to believe. Could you be happy without things? How could this be?

Because happiness could never come from things or what people can do for you.

Love could never be felt through things of the material world.

Things lose value.

The new car off the lot lost value the minute it left the dealership.

Things only have as much value as we believe they do.

Someone from the South will look at someone from the North and say you’re bugging. I’m not paying that much for a house when I could have much more for less.

When we put a value on love, we lose.

You lose yourself because you now put a price on yourself when in actuality, you’re priceless.

You lose the person that could have shown you the true meaning of love and happiness because you felt their love wasn’t worth much without the car and house.

Unconditional love opens us up to worlds beyond the one you could see.

Unconditional love opens us to ourselves.

But I guess we’ve run so far from ourselves that things are good enough to fill the voids.

Love is coming to sweep through the nations, and every dark place will be lit no stone unturned.

Remember, things are fleeting if met with any choice. Always choose love.

Love with no conditions.

Promise To Myself

Im sorry that you had to die; I promise I won’t forget what you’ve done for me.

I promise that your death won’t go in vain. I promise to live a life that you tried to live but couldn’t.

I will forever remember how much you suffocated so that I won’t make the same mistakes.

I will live by your example and make it better than you could have ever dreamed.

I will set the boundaries that you never could. I will honor myself beyond the stars.
I promise I won’t settle for less than I deserve.
I promise that I won’t help people beyond my ability.
I promise you I will never bleed myself to death again.

You gave your last breath yesterday for me to live. You took me to the place where people go to die and Lord, did I feel it.

But you gave your life so that I could breathe easy. You remind me never to allow anyone to suffocate me again.

For that, your death won’t go in vain.


People walk all over others as if they are more important than you are.

Isn’t that crazy to think that your life is more important than the person you’re inconveniencing.

How does it feel to be an inconvenience to others? I guess you don’t care because you see it as an I need to live too.

Your life and needs have nothing to do with me when it steps all over; excuse me when it comes close to my boundaries. Let’s face it; you can’t even penetrate the first wall of defense.

I would hope one day people wouldn’t take advantage of others.

On the other hand, I hope that one day when you step the wrong way, everything snaps, and at that moment, you realize you were never as important as the person you so kindly inconvenienced.

Whichever way the lesson finds you, I’m sure it was deserving. Who am I to say anything? But I do hope. However, it finds you; it teaches you how to treat people that never tell you no.

Your Eyes

Your heart has a magnetic field of 3Ft that means it expands 3Ft around your entire body.

When you come in contact with someone’s magnetic field, it’ll either attract or repel.

When you are in an attraction, it usually awakens a small or large piece of you depending upon the attraction.

If I can’t stand inside of your magnetic field, how else will I feel you? How else will I get to know who you are in a short amount of time?

Your eyes are the window to the soul.

But we’ve been taught how to read facial expressions and listen for tone of voice.

Maybe we’re being forced to meet others by their soul and not what we see on the surface.

I can’t feel you, but I could see you.

Maybe it’s time for us to really start seeing each other and stop being afraid of people seeing us too.


You remember in the movie Monsters Inc. They fed off of the fear of the children to keep the city going.

Then one “monster” realized that happiness and laughter were more powerful energy sources than fear and anger.

Management wasn’t trying to change, and they were doing some wicked things to keep things the same.

What I’m saying is to find ways to have genuine happiness and laughter in your life and find ways to spread it.

The way that you’re allowing “management” to keep you angry or in fear is scary because that means they control you.

Everything doesn’t need a reaction and most importantly.



Silence makes the heart grow fonder. It moves loudly through your spirit and gives you time and space to think. It brings you a sense of peace and understanding.

Silence is where you feel the most love because cruel words are not bombarding you.

I used to be afraid of silence. Now I live for it because I know in silence is where we grow the most.


Actions speak louder than words.

You can’t disprove a person’s beliefs by using words.

If you want someone to hear you and agree with you, your actions have to align with what you’re saying.

People don’t want you to believe in the Bible or God, but they aren’t giving you anything better.

If someone’s life is going well according to their beliefs, what would make them want to listen to you?

The game is being played backward. Your ego is talking to people, but speaking from your ego separates yourself from your spirit.

And by doing that, you’re already dishonoring the god that lives inside of you.

Free Spirit

When I look in the mirror, I see a free spirit that goes to the beat of her own drum.

She has freedom in living in her truths and being free and open to what she wants in life.

But she holds something close to her heart. The ones who know, know, and the ones who don’t, don’t.

She holds it so close to her heart that she blocks all that she wants when it comes to love.

It’s honestly the one thing that might keep me from looking in the mirror too long.

When I look too long, I lose my sense of freedom. I ask what will people think? What will God think?

But God already told me the person who leads you back to Him is the one He sent for you.

Wherever love lives is where God lives too!

I stay in the mirror a little bit longer and ask myself all of the questions that I need to answer, and all of it boils down to what would make you happy?

My spirit is free and loves who it loves, but the thing about my spirit it’s always loved women the most.