Love Forgives

I am forgiven, and free of condemnation means precisely what it says. In God forgiving me and setting me free of mental bondage, I could forgive myself for many things.

The more I forgave myself, the more I was able to extend the forgiveness to people who I felt like may have done me wrong.

What makes me unique to only deserve forgiveness and others don’t? What would have happened if God took that same attitude with me? Where would I be?

We’ve all asked for forgiveness. God is asking you to extend the same mercy He gave you. Extend it to yourself and others.

I am forgiven, and free of condemnation means that the things of the past no longer have power over me.
Who I was then compared to who I am now are two different people.

The words of people no longer affect me because God already freed me of my bondage.

Love forgives
Love sets you free

2 thoughts on “Love Forgives

  1. So true! In every case, any time anyone wrongs us it is up to us to change, even if that change is just forgiveness. Whether or not they change is secondary. 💜

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