Supernatural Love

The love that triggers the hell out of you, quite literally. It comes in to heal all of your broken pieces and puts you back together.

Even when it comes time to walk away, there is no fear of the unknown because, in your heart, you’ve already been told the truth. Your mind could say this is the end, but your heart says it’s only the beginning.

When things end, it leaves room for other things to usher in. God said, let go, and I’ll give you better.

I fell in love with your spirit but held onto your body out of fear.

I have not been entirely single since the age of 18, and I plan on living it up.

Someone said, oooo hot girl summer!! I said, yea, if that means becoming the person I was destined to be, then yea, sure.

I have everything in me to move forward with my dreams. I have the same energy that you supplied and taught me.

I told you that I needed you to take me home, but in reality, I have the power to do it myself.

I left you here to meet you there. Only when two people become whole could they become one.

My ability to become whole is what you taught me.

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