Everyone Wins

The higher she goes, the more she sees who can’t go with her, and frankly, it no longer bothers her. Everyone wins on his or her level. You can’t bring someone somewhere they don’t want to be.

Maybe not want to be but can’t be. Everyone wins on their level.

Do you stop your progression because of your love for others? Or do you love yourself to keep going?

This seems like a hard one to write. You want to save everyone and bring them with you. Who’s to say you can’t win first and lead the way.

Who’s to say letting go this time is letting go forever. And if it is forever, does it stop your progression. Do you live for you, or do you live for them? Every time you turn around, someone tells you that they come first, which there is nothing wrong with that, of course not.

When do you live? When do you come first? Everyone can’t go with you, and that’s ok because everyone wins on their level.

This level is yours and where you’re going, trust everyone can’t come. Steady yourself and know everyone wins on their level.

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