Conversation with God

Me: God, I would like more bricks to build a wall around my heart.

God: (instantly laughing) I’ll play along. Why do you want a wall around your heart?

Me: well, everyone else gets to live cozy behind their wall. It seems safe back there

God: What did you do with the bricks from your last wall?

Me: well, you had me build a house with them. I didn’t ask to take those bricks away; I asked for new bricks so I could make a wall too.

God: So, you’re asking me for more bricks (problems) when you’re working on the shingled roof.

Me: Something like that; no, what I am saying is why does everyone else get to live pretty behind their wall, and I’m out exposed.

God: are you not protected? What about that time you were less than half an inch away from getting hit by that car, and everyone who saw knew you were saved because they couldn’t understand how you weren’t hit.
What about all the times you weathered the storm with strength and perseverance. Were you not protected then?

Me: (humbly asking at this point) but God, why is it that people could put the mirror to my face, and I have to face it no matter how I look in the reflection.

God: bc you’re uniquely you and have the capability of loving yourself through it all.
God: keep working at your house. We’ll furnish it later.

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