Heaven’s Door

She is knocking on Heaven’s door while still trying to play with the devil.

She’s screaming God; please let me in. I’ve had enough.

Rebirth me God, please take me with you. Screaming and shouting, God, where are you?

I’ve learned all there is to know; I promise I’ll be good Lord, please deliver me from this place.

They are knocking on the door to Heaven while still playing with the devil.

I’ve healed Lord. I promise I have; you watched me walk through hell to get here.

I know I stayed here too long. I thought that was what was being asked of me.
No regrets, Lord; I did what I thought was right. I banged on this door as you watched me plead for mercy.

I see now, Lord. There’s nothing left for me here. I healed in the devil’s darkness, and I’m ready for the divine light.

I now know, Lord, I couldn’t live in both places; I couldn’t have both in my heart.

I choose the light over darkness. That’s what you’ve been calling me to do.

I see now God, it all makes sense. I promise it does.

She’s knocking on Heaven’s door bc she now knows that’s where she belongs.

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