File 6356

Imagine a room with boxes and stuff everywhere” neatly” placed but things about.

Then somehow, this box that held all of my dark thoughts and secrets cracked and leaked and touched everything in my mind.

Now there is complete sadness bc this sadness touched everything.

Who is going to clean this mess? I had to. I had to touch everything and see if it was worth keeping or throwing out.

Little by little, I organized.

I organized so well that I have file cabinets in my mind. I see a desk, and I see file cabinets.

I can recall things from single words.

File 2575 keyword (beer) and I can remember a whole conversation wrapped around beer

File 6356 keyword (muse), and I can go back to a poem I wrote years ago. That’s how my brain operates lol

Healing starts when you’re willing to touch everything.

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