I hate feeling vulnerable there. I said it. That statement may seem weird because I am usually open and honest about how I think, but those are the parts of me I want you to see.

Vulnerability makes me uncomfortable, and what I am about to tell you makes it more painful, but that’s how I know it has to happen.

My greatest fear.

My greatest fear is not a failure; how can it be when failure isn’t an option? Do you know what option is? My fear of being great. The fear of knowing that I could conquer the world, the fear of knowing I could be the light someone needs, the fear of knowing I could make a difference, the fear of knowing that I could be the change. That’s scary for someone who is used to living in the shadows.

Now let me tell you something else. I can’t fail if I wake up every day and do the things that are “expected” of me. There is no failing in that respect. I can lay my head on the pillow and get a great night’s sleep.

The problem comes when I am only doing what is “expected.” Not pushing myself past my limitations, not touching a piece of my greatness, not building the structure where I already have a strong foundation. That’s what keeps me up at night.

For me to say I don’t trust my abilities is the equivalence of saying I don’t trust God, for I am only an extension of such great power.

How can I be afraid when I know everything is on the other side of the door? That’s it; everything is on the other side of the door. There will be no time to second guess; there will be no time to think I can skate by in life.

Stepping into my power is stepping into my purpose. I just laughed to myself because what’s the sense of knowing you could conquer the world and won’t. What’s the importance of knowing you could be light but keep yourself dim. What’s the purpose of knowing you could be the change but won’t.

Things get uncomfortable when it’s time to move.

What’s your greatest fear?

2 thoughts on “Vulnerability

  1. My greatest fear is the same thing. You’re helping me challenge that audacity. When God says “I’m behind you” and angels and guides all show that they are behind me and I say “No, you’re all wrong. I’m nothing. I’m not worthy to even be in your presence.”
    And then I get on my phone and check on what the world has to say instead of getting on my knees and asking what my will be of this day. Because we are extensions of God and if It trusts us with a life then we should trust ourselves and ask for help when we can’t.
    They are all there, waiting to see what we do next. Waiting to help. Feeling scared to be who we are is just another form of ego worship. Ego says “This is better than me but I am better than that”, but we should be saying I AM.

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    1. This message came just in time; thank you for speaking your truth in the extension of mine. In your truth, I could see further than what my eyes were allowed. Today I will tackle my day through the lens of I AM.

      I AM the light
      I AM magic


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