The Gold

I had a vision the other night.

I saw myself burying gold bars. A few people came around me and asked what I was doing.
I said, im burying the gold. They said it’s daytime; people can see you.

I said they’re supposed to see me. The gold isn’t for me to keep, but they will have to dig for it themselves.

What is your vision for your life?
What dreams do you see?
What is your passion?
What is hiding under your pain?

What does your life look like without it being contingent on anything outside of you?
If money wasn’t an issue?
If what your family and friends thought weren’t an issue?
What would you consider the best version of yourself?
Are you there?

There is an energy that needs to be tapped into. I see and feel it pulling on some; you just have to answer the call.

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