Divine Feminine(yin)

The truth is I am a visionary. I see things beyond reality. My mind pieces together things that aren’t naturally connecting. My inner hearing is louder than the words anyone outside of me can speak. I was asked how I could tell the difference between thoughts and messages. I said, my thoughts bring chaos and confusion. The messages bring clarity and peace.

It is the Yin to the Yang. It is allowing the mother to live. Without the vision, there is no life. Without dreams, there is no movement. The mother gives birth to all ideas. It is her that manifest things into reality. It is her guidance that whispers in your ear. It is her guidance that keeps you safe.

To honor thy Father, you have to honor thy Mother.

Before I came here to tell you this, I realized I would shy away from my gifts because I thought it would make me look crazy.

How can I care what people think when honoring the Divine Feminine(yin) has afforded me freedom?

Today I honor her; today, I follow with no fear. Today i honor myself bc I am the Divine Feminine.

Today there is a full awakening!

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