I can only tell you what I saw.

The moonlight is as bright as it could be. I was dancing with the ones who came before me. Each one is reminding me that death is not real because they all live inside of me. I carry them as if they were my children. They guide me as elders ought to. They remind me of my power. They remind me to pick my chin up. They remind me that I am royalty. They remind me that I am magic.

They rejoice because I can feel them. My ancestors sing because I am the one who they have been waiting for. The one who would save herself to save them too.

As we dance around the fire, I see you lurking in the shadows. That’s what we’ve become accustomed to; one is in the shadows while the other gets the light.
This isn’t just for me; no, the heat from the flame pulls you in closer and closer. It whispers your name until you have no choice but to come forth.

Come forth, come forth, you know you want to come forth. The whispers get louder. Come forth, come forth, you know it’s time to come forth. The sound of the music in your heart is getting louder; it draws you to the flame.

Rejoice because she’s almost to the light. You look back, but all you see is darkness. Rejoice, rejoice. You’re almost there.

I dance in the freedom of the flame, the flickering of the embers—the embers where we both came.

You stop and stare as if you can’t see who’s there for you. Then you remember the strength of the women who came before you. You remember they went to the beat of their drum. You remember they couldn’t be stopped. You remember even when you thought they were weak, they showed you strength, not even men possess.

They whisper to you to come. It’s safe. They say dance in the freedom of the flame. Dance until you set yourself free. Hear the beat of your drum and march.

They start real low.

It’s time; it’s time (louder) its time; it’s time((louder)) IT’S time; IT’S time (((louder))) IT’S TIME; IT’S TIME ((((louder)))) TO COME ALIVE, COME ALIVE, COME ALIVE.


2 thoughts on “Ancestors

  1. I am ready to take my place among them, ready to connect with my Divine self and dance in the light of the Moon. Let’s dance together this full moon!!

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