I was in search of love. More importantly, love for me. I had to dive in deep to find where it went, and when I saw it, I found God.

Do you know the quote?

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found God only.”

  • Rumi.

I read the Bible years ago, and as comforting as it was, something was missing. I asked God for the truth, and what I found was amazing. I found the language of the universe, and I found the language of religions and spiritual beliefs. I took what I learned and applied them to my life as best as I could. I learned so much that I forgot about God. As I forgot about God, I felt lost and confused. I believed in everything and nothing at all. I planted my feet on the ground and asked God for another chance. This time I was thrown inside of myself. I was thrown into my darkness and was told to figure it out.

I eventually figured it out. I figured out how to heal myself and connect to my spirit. I learned how to love myself and love others. The more I understood myself, the more I understood others. The more I forgave myself, the more I forgave others. Is any of this sounding familiar?

Let me break it down. The love for myself led me back to God. God, in any form, is love; the highest vibration of the universe is love. I also found in my studies that Jesus was everywhere before I lose some of you hear me out.

Jesus was the word of God in human form. The word of God is love, but check this out, I was prompted to reread the Bible, this time through the lens of the universe’s language. Everything started to click and connect. The veil Jesus was speaking about. The use of the terms god that he used. All of it.

You know how your spirit is energy, and energy moves through everything. The nature of God connected to your heart asks you to embody Christ, not the man, but the Consciousness.

Embody love so that you can be love.
Embody forgiveness so that you can forgive.
Embody understanding so that you can understand.
Embody the freedom of Christ so that you can be free.

After all, it all boils down to love.
Let’s not forget love is the highest vibration of the universe. Law of Attraction says you attract what you are.

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