Soul Language

We speak the same soul language, but yet we’ve learned differently.

People have become so godless and have lost so much faith bc of the suffering that they’ve endured. Not realizing that the suffering was for a greater purpose.

Isn’t that a crazy statement? Our suffering was for a greater purpose. Our lessons are woven within these problems, but with each problem there is always a solution.

She told me, she had suffered, but she already knew that God was showing her what she was capable of.

I told her, I have suffered and found my strength in myself until I found the God in me, and knew there was soo much more.

The foundation of any God in any religion is LOVE, the foundation of the universe is LOVE, the foundation of everything is LOVE. As it is the highest vibration.

Go and search LOVE out in the darkest places of the earth i promise you it’s there. At the foundation of yourself despite what you’ve been through there is LOVE. Despite what someone may have done or what you lost there is LOVE.

In her own suffering she knew that LOVE was what kept her going.

In my own suffering I knew finding LOVE for myself was what kept me going.

Find LOVE and BE LOVE.

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