Expansion To YouTube

When i first started this blog I was petrified, but I knew I needed to for myself. I knew that I owed it to myself to allow my voice to be heard someway.

I was afraid of judgment from strangers, isn’t that crazy? Afraid of what someone i dont know might think of me.

The more time went on i got comfortable sharing my ideas and thoughts and people from all over started following me (btw I thank you for seeing me). I started to think hmm maybe you do have something of value here.

As that seed continued to grow i realized there was a need for expansion bc there were ppl who wouldn’t sit down and read. I was thrown out of my comfort zone and in front of the camera which surprisingly is not as bad as I thought. I mean it still makes me nervous bc I’m literally putting my truth out there for the world to see. But it’s liberating and I would love for you guys to also join me there and check out my YouTube channel. Like and Subscribe. If you like me here you most definitely will like the person behind the words.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Watch “The Soul of a Woman” on YouTube

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