Just In Time

The delivered message that moves your spirit is the one that you need to hold onto.

The one that breaks you down because it came Just in time
Just in time
Devine time.

It’s usually the message that allows you to know that you’re not alone, that you are loved, the one that tells you that you are beyond supported by Angels. It’s a green light on your dreams.

I felt alone and unsure today and as soon as i questioned it my sister called with excitement because she had finally seen my YouTube channel and I showed her my domain name for my website.

Without her even knowing I was struggling she just delivered the message I needed. Let me tell you the “irony” of the YouTube channel and her just now seeing it. I sent it to her Sept 18, 2020 she told me she never received it, something in me sent it to her this morning. The fact that she seen it today when I was struggling let’s me know she seen it Just in time
Just in time
Devine time.

I keep repeating that because yesterday Peyton (daughter) randomly said just in time and i asked her why? She said, i don’t know it just came to me, but it’s the name of your business. I said, yes Peyton I’m aware I’m just trying to figure out why you said it.

So, I ended up repeating it and said,
Just in time,
Just in time,
Devine time.

She was telling me that everything was happening Just in time.

That’s a big green light on my dreams.

I also have to shout out my brother from another because he forever let’s me know that he sees me and supports me even when I’m with the BS sometimes lol.

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