My Calling

2 years ago I was told I should be a teacher. I said, yea sounds good, but no.

Throughout the year I kept hearing the same thing. I said, listen, no lol. Once I started working on my book and realizing that I wanted to write for the rest of my life something started to shift.

I told her that i didn’t see myself in front of a classroom teaching academics because there isn’t anything that I care enough about to teach someone else.

I said, I see myself on a stage speaking my truth and helping others conquer their own darkness. I said, that’s what I’m passionate about, I’m passionate about people.

A few months ago my mom told me her mom and aunts were all teachers and allll of my closest friends are teachers.

I asked God what my calling was and I was told it was to be a teacher. Which I don’t know why I got so excited about it because it was in my face the entire time lol.

But mark my words I will be on a stage teaching people everything that i know and what I know is how to live in my own truth.

Living in your own truth sets others free of their own mental prison. I’m here to set others free.

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