Levels Of Understanding

My mind’s level of understanding says to walk away and be done. While there was great value there is nothing left to be learned. Can’t you see the hurt and pain? Can’t you see the stagnation? Can’t you see the vicious cycle? Can’t you see the next phase is on the other side?

My heart’s level of understanding says through the pain and hurt there have been great lessons learned. When I follow my heart and live in this space there is eternal bliss. While my heart does see the cycle it seems to be worth it. My heart says keep going.

My soul’s level of understanding says rest not in your own understanding, but in God’s. It says when I have found the soul in which I love I will move mountains in order to obtain it. There will be none other for you. For you are deserving of Heaven on earth. My soul tells me to love like God loves because once upon a time I didn’t know either.

My soul says to ignore all other things because this is bigger than me, it is bigger than my wildest dreams. My soul says, you are in preparation and while it seems like nothing makes sense in this moment trust that when it all falls into place you’ll be thankful that you didn’t give up.

Everything that you want and desire is on the other side of faith and patience.

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