New Light

I look at her in a new light. I see the beauty that she’s always had in her, but there’s something in my alignment that makes me see her innocence. I see her in a new light she no longer has to have the responsibility of guiding me. She no longer has to bare the weight of why I choose to live. In her settle statements she allows me to know that she trusts me and she’ll follow.

A weight that she should’ve never had to carry, but she did it with such grace. A child with such a big heart she’ll do everything in her power to not to be an inconvenience. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure she’ll never have to learn the lessons that I had to learn. I’ll teach her how to be complete before going out into the world. She’ll continue being a better version of herself at 8 years old because I’ll continue to be a better version of myself. She’ll learn all the things I’ve had to learn at 31.

I have to say I am truly the most blessed when it comes to this child. Her resilience, her emotional intelligence, her ability to love like no other, the one that allows Angels to speak through her. The amount of everything wrapped up in a little body. I wish I could find the words that do her justice, but she’s bigger than any word than I could ever imagine.

She’s no longer my guiding light, I see her in a new light and it’s wrapped up in her innocence and love.

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