Grocery Store

I went to the grocery store. Yea I said I went to the grocery store. The look of perplexity says it all. Let me explain first, I’m not the most self-loving person nor do I do the little things like going to the grocery store alone. Let me also explain that I’ve been in a relationship for the last 9 years and became a we instantly, who needs to go to the store alone when you’re a we? That relationship ended and my bestfriend instantly took over coming to the store with me. Here I am again not having to go to the store alone. I hope that you’re following just a bit, but if not that’s ok too. Let me explain a little more I’m proud of myself for going to the store alone, I’m proud of myself for wanting and allowing it to be become a habit. I think that people do this small task all of the time they can’t understand why to me it’s such a big deal. I just want everyone to realize it is a big deal and the times that you dont think you’re doing something for yourself remember this story and remember that you do things for yourself all of the time. Remember that there is someone who has massive anxiety in living her truth in the smaller details, remember that there is someone that’s learning how to be there for herself and to take care of herself. Remember to not take the small things for granted because that small thing to you means the world to someone else.

I have to tell you, I went to the grocery store and I never felt so alive.

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