My Angels

The day you passed away it felt like my soul was ripped out of my body, and was taken with you. How could someone go on when they couldn’t recognize themselves in the mirror? The scariest few seconds ever to think that there was no reason to live.

Until the thought of Her saved me. She became my reason, but I couldn’t abuse her because she shouldn’t have to hold that type of responsibility. She can take my hand and guide me but she still had to have the freedom to be Her.

My soul was in a battle and who’s to say you didn’t take the better part of me to do a reconstruction. You shined the brightest lights on each part of me that made me a better version of myself. I was forced to face every dark truth that had consumed me. I had to face it and let it go because essentially there was no room for the negativity.

She’s my Angel in the flesh as she continues to show me, as she continues to be patient with me, as she continues to be understanding. You’re my Angel watching over me, the one that lights up my steps to show me the way. The one that pulls me in the right direction.

These two are mine and I could hold onto them forever, but I know eventually I’ll have to let them both go. Let them fly to freedom the same freedom they’ve allowed me.

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