Let Me Be

This song Let me be by Sara Niemietz has all new meaning to me.

A snippet of the lyrics:

If you don’t want to come along

You should let me be

Let me be

Everything I am

Let me be

Wild and free

Let me be

Myself again

You can’t change how people feel about you but what you can do is change how you feel about yourself. There comes a time where you have to truly put yourself first in order to find your own peace.

All of the test that got me to this place of understanding is nothing compared to this one. I heard myself through everything I had peace and knew I was coming out on top and that i just had to do it. I’m in the darkness again but this time it’s me and me alone. I can’t hear myself and it scares me the most.

Chaos is what I feel, i feel like an engine stall on a plane flying at high altitude needing to land in order to maintain myself. I know once I do the necessary maintenance I’ll fly higher and higher.

I just need to be wild and free without the constraints of anyone or anything else. I need to find a solution to each relationship I’m having a problem with.

What I need is to come out on top bigger and better. I have to find my way and I always do, I wont lie and say this will be a walk in the park or to even say that I won’t have my days. One thing is for certain I just need people to let me be so I could become a better version of myself.

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