In all of my experiences it led me to this moment of realization, the realization that I can create whatever reality I wanted.

I can be as free as the bird that flies in the sky. I’m already as free by shedding energies that don’t belong, learning that things happen to us to learn not to hold onto it. The only thing that hinders you is YOU. You allow your brain to lead not realizing you’re just in survival mode. Barely surviving because you feel a piece of you dying a slow miserable death.

When does it end? When will you make the choice to want to live? Where do you find your freedom? When will you forgive yourself? When will you learn that everything is okay?

This is not an easy task, but it’s more than worth it. There will be fight back, you’ll think you’re going crazy, you’ll feel like you’re not worthy but you’re more than good enough. No one is as good as you. You’re uniquely made, who could live your life better than you?

Let go of the fears that consume you, allow the light to shine through. Let go of the pain that you’ve endured it doesn’t belong in the same space as your greatness.

Be great in everything you do! Smile until it doesn’t hurt anymore, let it become natural. Tell yourself that you’re good even through the tears because guess what you are good.

There’s NO day that compares to your worse day. And you survived!

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