She aggravates my soul, the deepest parts of me. The frustration and irritation that I feel when we have a conversation. A reason why I keep things on a shallow level never will you know the deepest parts of me because you already found a way under my skin.

How can a simple conversation of my plans turn into something that I have to defend? Why are you asking so many questions that don’t concern you? And why are you trying to plant seeds that can’t be planted. Nothing that comes out of your mouth makes me think deeper, nothing about what comes out of your mouth makes me want to change my mind.

The toxicity is astounding. The fact that you have the audacity to feel the need to continue giving me an opinion that was not asked for, the fact that you think I care about anything that you have to say at this point is laughable at best.

At this point I’ve given you too much attention already. Sometimes you have to learn to let people stay where they are. Despite who it is some people can’t always go everywhere with you. Toxicity is the worse thing anyone can deal with, especially when the person on the other end doesn’t see their faults.

I see you though, and in seeing you I can see me keeping ultimate distance. Beautiful thing about life is I have authority over who I allow in my space, beautiful thing is it doesn’t matter the relations if you dont fit I for sure wont force it.

There’s truly only so much one can take, and I’m at that place of and we’re good here.

Know when it’s time to walk.

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