There’s something about the light that peaks out of the darkness that catches my everytime. I told my mom I said the sky is pretty, she says eh it’s not awe inspiring… I then had to tell her I never said I was in awe I said its pretty.

Then it hit me if we continue waiting for awe inspiring moments or moments that’ll blow our mind then we won’t appreciate the settle things. The settle things that make up our everyday, the things that make us who we are.

Learning how to appreciate the smaller things so that I could fully enjoy life. If I wait for the awe inspiring thing I may never be inspired. What a wasted life that would be a life of continuous waiting. The wait to the next best thing, the wait to appreciate the beauty in something, the wait for something to make you whole.

Be inspired by everything, be inspired by words even if it’s only one word, be inspired by your scenery and if you hate your surroundings be inspired to change it. Constantly be inspired in the smaller details bc those are the moments that make up the bigger picture.

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