His last name is Rock and in correlation to my life that’s exactly what he’s been. I had to ask myself when did we meet because it was all a blur, but it was an instant connection.

After pondering and digging deep to try and figure out where we first began it all came back. I met him when my cousin passed away and anytime I was ready to crumble, Rock would come around the corner to hold me up and put me back together. Luckily for me he’s been that for me ever since.

He recognizes all of the emotions that flow from my eyes. He tells me everything that I need to hear even when I didn’t ask. Since I rarely listen he always gets to tell me I told you so, pyou could imagine how annoying that could be.

He’s my Rock and confidant, he’s the one that can piece me together when I’m crumbling. He’s the one that I’ll keep forever.

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