How can I not operate in chaos if it’s the only thing that I’ve known? If I am peace then what difference does it make what’s going on around me?

I am the quiet of the night and the peace in the dawn. I am what I say I am. I am most definitely whoever I say I want to be.

Right now, I am grateful I’m grateful for this peace of the morning’s breeze. I’m grateful that I can stand here alone and listen to the birds sing. I’m grateful that I have an outpouring of gratefulness this morning.

So many times I wake up and forget to be thankful and grateful. I forget that I don’t necessarily deserve the peace that is embedded in me. Yet, here I am able to finally see.

To see and feel my heart’s Joy. To feel everything of gratefulness radiating through me. So, today I’ll live in this in this space, this space of gratefulness.

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