Beauty Within

I had a thought on the walk in.

Do you truly think you hate yourself when you’ve found the beauty within.

For once in your life you’re able to look in the mirror and see you.

You dont shy away like before.

You know what you have to offer people when before you thought nothing at all.

Never do you think you’re ugly like before.

You see the beauty in your eyes, in your smile, and in your nose.

You see the beauty in your body you’re not critical like before.

Even when you were small you were afraid to get fat you were so critical of the smallness.

When you gained weight you didn’t feel like yourself but you didn’t really realize how much it didnt affect you.

Now back to your natural self you love it even more.

Sometimes you have to lose to gain.

You gained the confidence you never had before.

No one can tell you anything about the way you look because you’re secure.

Anything that you change now is for you.

You know how intelligent you are you just haven’t learned to apply it.

You naturally learn and soak up information like a sponge.

But what’s the point of obtaining knowledge if you don’t use it.

You’ve become less judgmental because you know everyone has a story.

Complancey kills you slowly because you know you’re so much more.

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