The Duality Of Self

The Cry

Screams in the darkness getting louder and louder. Fighting to breathe fighting to live. Feeling all alone with nowhere to turn. The essence is fading and we dont know where it’s going. Screaming to be free but she’s getting weaker and weaker by the moment demons feasting on her as if it’s their last meal. She screams one more agonizing scream. (Then complete darkness)

The Life

Living to survive because that’s what we’re taught to do. Never dream for more than your means can afford. A life filled with stifled thoughts, a life filled with any vice that’ll kill that voice that knows right. Letting your ego/mind lead because its protected you the most. You trust it more than your true self. You allow it to take hold of everything that is you….. until you’re suffocating and fading into the darkness (glimpse of light)

The Battle

Drawn to the light like a moth to a flame. Willing to risk it all so that you could live and be free. Free of pain, free of everything that holds you back. Fighting every demon imaginable just to live in that light. Not knowing which direction to run in, but you know you have to run. The darkness calling your name so sweetly telling you to come it promises it’s safe. We’ve lived together for so long, how could you want to leave me now? You fall back as if you fall into a trance being blinded by the things that you’ve become accustomed to. The light screams your name in order to wake you from the nightmare you jolt back up to run and find it.

The duality of self is the battle within two could never live as one.

So the question is which do you choose?

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