The Star

You need me and once upon a time I needed you too. There’s a strong difference between need and want though. While you need me your want for her is stronger bc let’s face it whoever really does the thing that they need to do.

I needed you and didn’t want him so there was nothing holding me back. I needed you until everything became better and I healed myself. There is nothing in me that needs you but everything in me that wants you.

But I will not feed your needs while you feed your wants. Eventually the craving and giving into wants leaves you empty bc you did nothing that you needed to do. Starving for more bc you deplete yourself of all things. You know that shiny thing that looks so pretty from afar you know the thing people choose over water choose over life yea that thing. That thing brings nothing but a good time even in that sometimes it can’t even be that.

In my needing you I’ve learned to fetch my own water to harvest something so beautiful. Plant my own garden so that I wouldn’t need to look for someone else, never looking for the next shiny thing because I am the star.

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