My Truth

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t still afraid my anxiety earlier showed me my truth. Simple conversation brought me to tears and feeling the need to vomit. What it also showed me was that I wasn’t alone and I didn’t have to build this dream alone. That I was guided by angels and people were put on my path for ultimate support all because they can envision the same dream that I have. Willing to help me just to ease my worry. Willing to help me because they see so much in me.

How can I be afraid when I have people to hold me up when I feel weak. Learning to trust my own instincts because it screams louder than my own fears.

I can’t lie to you and say that I’m completely okay, but I can tell you that I’m willing to face my own truths. With that comes great responsibility it surely isn’t easy, but if I can’t face me, then who could?

Looking at myself through a different lens each day finding that part of me that resonates my brightest light. That light that I choose to want to live in.

Pushing away all of my fears little by little. Allowing people to show me my light when I can’t see it for myself. I choose to try to do that for others but in all honesty sometimes I need it for myself.

I’m not perfect and don’t try to pretend that I am. But in my imperfections is where my light shines the brightest.

Be that light for someone else. Face your truths so that someone can find the strength to find their own.

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