Giving Thanks

I live for that! God’s good grace that touches every part of my soul. The painting in the sky that shows you you’re worth every beautiful thing given to you. The painting in the sky to help you realize how thankful you really are, to help you slow down in a world moving so fast.

I live for that! A constant reminder that it’s going to be okay. With each new sunset brings forth a new painting a chance at renewal a chance to make it whatever you want it to be.

I thank you a million times over for the reminder to stop and be thankful. I thank you for showing me something new. A moment in time to get it right.

I thank you.

All of the signs reminded me to be thankful. Thankful for guidance, thankful for the people who were put on my path to get me through.

My sister told me that she loves when Justin (cousin) still shows me signs that hes still with me.. His love for me is sooooo amazing.. she doesn’t think anyone has ever loved her like he loves me.

That in itself was a reminder that I’m truly blessed to have him continuously watching over me and guiding my steps to something amazing.

Being reminded everyday that I’m on my path to purpose. Signs everywhere pointing me down the right road.

Believe in what you want whether it be God, the universe, yourself whatever just through it all be thankful.

Without thanks and that humbleness we tend to fall short of what we truly deserve.

So I give thanks to being able to open myself to others when I’ve always been afraid. I give thanks for the lessons mainly my hardest ones because without those I wouldn’t be where I am today. I give thanks to those who recognize the change. I give thanks to myself for being able to love and forgive myself. I give thanks for being able to see what’s ahead of me, the signs shining bright like neon lights.

Be thankful for anything even if you feel like it’s small, but whatever it is just be thankful.

What are you thankful for?

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