For The First Time

I can’t sleep. Mind overwhelmed with joy and sense of accomplishment. Reminding myself to be careful with what I speak because I’m in the process of manifesting everything that comes to mind and out of my mouth.

Joy of peace, joy of love, joy of saying I’m going to do something and actually following through.

If you knew me then you would know that it’s such a big deal. Issues with commitment so there’s never any follow through. This time I did it! And I couldn’t be more proud. Still a work in progress but the big picture is complete.

I’m becoming more complete each day. The more time I take for myself to do the thing I love the most the happier I am.

Overwhelmed with Joy and love. Love for myself and love for others.

I act as if I don’t work tomorrow and I don’t have an early start but to me, right now nothing else even matters.

I just want to scream at that top of my lungs that I did it! And I feel complete. Still a work in progress so I have to control myself, but good God I’m good.

And this is not to boast but this is truly the first time in life that I felt this way. So right now I have to bask in the glory knowing that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

Giving thanks because for so long I never have. Always feeling like i did it all alone but now i feel the gratitude radiating through my entire being. So with the most humbleness i can find i say thank you, but not only thank you also patting myself on the back because I did it!

Just want to scream at the top of my lungs, but for now this will do.

Still a work in progress, but right here right now I’ll bask in the glory.

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