I Killed Myself

I killed myself once, and that’s why I’m not afraid to die because I know I get another chance to get it right. Maybe not in that life but the next.

I killed myself once with that death all of my dreams never came to fruition. That’s why I can’t see anything through, I dream and I stop because I killed myself once.

I killed myself once and seen the pain I’ve caused everyone around me and that’s why my will is so strong now.

Soul lessons in each life, taking bits and pieces from each experience. I killed myself once and learned that although everything stopped in that life I kept going.

I killed myself once because I was afraid of what I was becoming or not becoming. The greater part of me, but I wasn’t ready for something so great I didn’t learn enough I wasn’t strong enough.

In killing myself once I learned how strong I truly was and took it into my next life. Still afraid of my greatness only because there are still lessons to be learned and realized, but this time it’s different.

I’m learning that I’m built for everything that’s thrown my way. I’m learning that fear is only of the mind and there are no limits. I’m learning that my greatest fear right now right here is not tapping into the best part of me. Letting my death go in vain.

I killed myself once but never could that happen again.

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