When two becomes one is when life begins and you’re truly alive. When you can accept life comes with death is when you’ll learn to live. When you know happiness because you’ve met sadness. When you know being rich because you’ve met being poor. With ups there’s downs. Two spectrums of life can never live in the same space. How do you choose to live? It’s easy to get stuck in the lesser, but are you really living? When two becomes one is when life begins. Acceptance is key, accept the fact that when life seems to be the worse it could only flip to be better. Never get too comfortable in the space you’re in because in an instant it could be gone. When two becomes one is when life begins and you’re truly alive.

I can’t say this journey will be easy, I cant say seeing the bigger picture is easy while you’re drowning. The only thing you can do is try and find the brightside of it all. With every situation there’s a silver lining the reason behind it all.

Hate the feeling of misery so much that there becomes no alternative to finding the brightside. We know what misery feels like, aren’t we ready to feel the joy life has to offer?

Two spectrums can’t live in the same space. So which do you choose to live in?

The other day was hell for me it was busy, everyone was pulling me in each direction needless to say I was aggravated and annoyed. Then I realized it was me to start, it was my energy that was attracting everything coming my way. Once I realized that I had two choices I could either change my mindset or keep having the same energy and same bad day. Long story short I decided to stay in that space and dealt with the consequences of my “actions” while having to remind myself that it was my fault and I could’ve changed the outcome.

The very next day came and I was fine my energy whole I decided that I couldn’t feed that part of me two days in a row, so no matter what the day brought I just had to remind myself to look straight ahead and keep going no need to get caught up in things happening around me.

Remember don’t get caught up in things that are going on around you the only thing that you’re in control of is your actions and reactions.

How do you plan on spending your day?

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