Bleeding Heart

(Take a step back)

Holding your bleeding heart in my hand stretched out in front of the both of us.

(You feel like you’re suffocating but I promise I got you)

(Look me in the eyes)

Let me tell you. Every beat that’s in my hand is your purpose. (Breath you got this)

(Dont look down there’s nothing for you there)

Hear your heart crying because she loves so deeply. Jaded by the circumstances of things of the past.

(Shhh you have to listen)

She’s telling you a story of where it began. She’s telling you she doesn’t want to hold onto it any longer. She’s telling you that its crowded in there. She’s telling you she wants to break free. She’s telling you that she knows it hurts, she knows it’s painful but this is worse. She’s telling you that you’re strong enough to get through. She’s telling you begging you just need to listen.

She’s telling you she doesn’t want to just survive anymore she wants to live. Live free of this hurt that no longer matters, no longer plays a part in anything. She’s telling you she finally knows beautiful because she’s met ugly. She’s telling you that she cant be perfect but she’ll be damn near. She’s telling you just to listen to her when you can.

(Look at her because she’ll show you)

She screams look at me, look at me please look at me.

(Don’t turn your head you have to look). I know I may look ugly but I promise it’s a coat. It’s a shield of armor to keep out the darkness. I swear there’s light in here I promise. (Breath you got this). Why can’t you look at me? Who told you that you weren’t worthy? Who made you believe you were nothing? Please just look at me. Tears roll down your face, I know I sent them. That’s the only way you’ll feel me. Please just look at me. I’m not ugly I promise. You get glimpses of what I can show you. Keep it with you until you’re ready.

(Times running out)

Jaded heart just wants to be free but she has to go back like a caged bird. Jaded heart wants to be loved, not convenient or comfort love. Jaded heart wants you to see her, wants you to love her, wants you to tell her she’s beautiful despite the years of beatings. Jaded heart is as beautiful as she was when she first started. She loves so deeply and so passionately.

(Take her back)

And nurture her. Cultivate all the good inside of her. Break every wall that’s binding her. She’s not ugly she’s beautiful. Keep her with you always.

(Breath, I know you feel like you’re suffocating but I promise I got you)

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