The Illusion of Love

Is your heart keeping you in situations that don’t feel right but you stay because this is what life is “supposed” to be. Has the false sense of love been so engrained in us that we’re willing to settle for less?

Less than what we deserve, anything is better than nothing. To have a warm body next to you. Even if it doesn’t ignite that flame in you. It doesn’t inspire you to be better instead brings out the worse in you.

Not able to express yourself and how you feel because let’s face it your feelings don’t matter. Have we become so conditioned to think that we have to cater to others instead of ourselves?

You can’t be your true self because you’re trying to be everything they want you to be. Each situation you go into you find yourself being chipped at a little more to the point of not being able to recognize yourself.

What happens when the pressure begins to be too much? We’ve all been there that suffocating, poisoning feeling that you just can’t shake.

Until one day you decide that it’s worth more to be able to breath freely than to have this illusion of love. You realize for once that you absolutely had to love yourself first or no one else would. You realize that you’ve been alone before and that you survived.

People look for perfect but perfect doesn’t exist it’s the imperfections that make it worth it. You have to ask yourself is it worth it? What have you learned in the imperfections? If nothing and you realize there’s truly no resolve to any problems then it’ll be a vicious cycle until you say you had enough.

Is it easy to walk away? No but it’s more than worth it. To be able to find your strength that strength that ignites your own flame. That ignites that part of you that wants and deserves more, the part of you that will learn what you could and could not settle for.

I left my relationship and over time made a list of what I NEEDED in my next relationship. I just needed to be able to express myself and not feel stifled and at this point I won’t be able to settle for less.

What would you need going into your next best thing? How much are you willing to give up to have a warm body next to you?

Loving yourself first is difficult because you have to breakdown all of the walls you built to protect yourself. Just think if you could love the wrong ones over and over again, if you just poured a fraction of that into yourself how much better you would be.

What does your love look like?

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